street drawing of Marilyn Monroe

Times Square Minutes: B&W Candid Shots

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I enjoy people watching as much as I enjoy a good cup of coffee.  Times Square is a perfect place to sit and watch the crowd pass by.  Spend one minute here and one gets the impression that Times Square is the heart of this city.

Here’s Times Square and its people captured in a span of 10 minutes.

navy men crossing the street

tourist with bike taking a picture

Jewish man walking

NY tour bus

2 ladies dressed as stewardess

Wide angle shot of Times Square filled with people

billboard ad of mama mia

red stairs filled with people

2 cops on horses

young boy sleeping in his stroller

a man and woman sitting outside with their laptop

man waiting for a cab

street drawing of Marilyn Monroe

pretzel food cart

skimpy dressed old female guitar performer

a cop giving directions to some tourists

ad on a bus that says "look out NY"

NY bike boys

girl with a wide-brimmed hat

vintage street art

I love NY t-shirts

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