Las Vegas.

Despite the gaudiness and over-priced hotels of this man-made fantasyland, there’s quite a bit of gems to be found in this city.

Catching Vegas at its best, in photographs…

the fountain of BellagioThe Bellagio fountain.  Taken right after the sun went down and just before the transient bulbs of the city took over.  It was beautiful how the water danced in time with the song’s beat.

a picture of me at the base of Eiffel towerI like how Vegas contained the world inside a 4-mile long strip by making miniature replicas of famous world landmarks.  This is not as high as the original Eiffel Tower in Paris, but I still felt as small standing at its base.

a billboard of Circus Circussuch a happy billboard

a Triton guiding a seahorse, Trevi fountainA Triton guiding a seahorse in the replica of Rome’s Trevi fountain.  According to the legend, those who throw a coin into the (original) fountain will go back to Rome.  So far this legend hasn’t come true for me yet, but maybe another wish from this mini Trevi will make it happen.

gondola in front of the Venetianthe Strip was emptying as the last of the restless visitors settled down in the wee hours; this gondola was on its way to dock for the night

guitar playersstreet performers: a staple appearance in all tourist places

Sahara hotelfleeting clouds, the sun’s rays peeking through, a photo reminiscent of days gone by

wide angle shot of Eiffel tower in Vegastaken from an overpass bridge

fountain in front of Ceasar's Palaceone of the many fountain statues on the Ceasar’s Palace compound; again reminiscent of Rome

margaritaville, las vegassunshine, palm trees, coconuts with paper umbrellas, piano bar…can’t go wrong in Margaritaville

Harrah's Las Vegasa playful and colorful casino

palm trees I got this shot while waiting for the bus to the airport, right when the sun is working its way up those trees.

welcome to downtown las vegas signthe welcome sign towards Downtown Las Vegas where one will find the original gambling district and the Fremont Street Experience

Las Vegas skylinethe lights of Vegas, taken from the Stratosphere

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