I’m not much of a resort person and I spent the first 2 days here visiting everything else but the beach. I stopped by Chichen itza, probably the most well-known Mayan ruin.  To be honest I was a bit disappointed.  Perhaps because I’ve heard about it a lot, it was built up in my head too high. When I saw the site, the first thought that came to my mind was “I’ve seen better.” Or perhaps it was because the place was teeming with busloads of tourists, I couldn’t look at a building without groups of people taking photographs in front of it.

Chichen Itza
Chichen Itza

The Tulum ruins was better. One of the last cities built and inhabited by the Mayans, it was built along the coast, and the beach behind it was really beautiful.


tulum 2

tulum beach

Today I spent the afternoon walking along 5th avenue (tourist trap) and enjoying the beach of Playa del Carmen. Perfect way to end an interesting and beautiful trip through Mexico.


fire dancer



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