Roatan Bay Islands, Honduras

I will forever remember the very hot sun and sand.  I spent my days on the beach under the shade.  The water was nice and cool, but boats were everywhere as this place is known for its diving and snorkelling reefs.  Obviously it was more expensive here so I’ve been living off cereal and baloney sandwiches that I got from the grocery store in the mainland. Though I did find Creole’s Rotisserie Chicken that sells a decently priced chicken dinner.  It’s owned by a Canadian.  Last night I went to a karaoke bar filled with drunken, no-shame travelers.  I heard Journey and Whitney Houston quite a bit. What a blast! (No I did not sing.)

Now onward to Nicaragua for more volcano hikes!



boat and house

yellow boat


slippery sue

one love

boat sunset

trees sunset

chairs sunset