Maine: Searching for (the best) Seafood Experience

There’s a plethora of seafood places serving good food everywhere in Maine.  I think the ambience plays a big role in enjoying one’s food as well. For a lobster shack I really liked Five Islands Lobster Co. in Georgetown Island for the amazing views.  They also have really good steamed lobsters.  The lobsters are pulled straight out from the surrounding cold waters and cooked the way you like.  I had the meatiest 2 1/2 lb. female lobster, steamed, and paired with a pint of a local IPA, and killer views of Sheepscot Bay, life was good.

Five Islands Lobster Co.*

Five Islands Lobster Co.

*Five Islands Lobster Co.

*Five Islands Lobster Co.


Five Islands Lobster Co.*

  • I asked a local where to get good crab cakes in the area.  She said they are very picky about their crab cakes here in Maine and the best they’ve ever had were in King Eider’s Pub in Damariscotta.  So I headed over there, got some crab cakes to go and ate them steaming in my car.  It was delicious— pure tasty crab meat and not overly covered with breading.
  • Beside the Clam Box in Ipswich from this post, Mt. Battie Take-Out in Camden also makes really good fried clams.  Grab it to go, climb Mt. Battie across the street, and enjoy the tasty clams while looking over the Camden harbor and Penebscot Bay.
  • Suzuki’s Sushi Bar in Rockland turned out to be a great little restaurant.  They used farm-raised organic salmon on the sushi roll— it was the tastiest sushi I’ve ever had.



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