Chaise Isle: Unexpected Artwork in a New Orleans Bayou

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‘Chaise Isle’ sits in the middle of Bayou Bienvenue in the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans.  It was installed by Roy Stabb, an artist known for his geometric environmental installations around the world.

Made of bamboo poles and hand-woven ropes, the piece stands about 15 feet tall, bending slightly towards the top, as if yielding to the pressure of the wind above, and the force of the currents underneath it.  It is nature itself: built from nature, in nature, and will only last as long as nature will let it.  Staab named it ‘Chaise Isle’ to evoke resting or reclining in space.

For me it resembles three fishermen casting a net in the bayou.

But this creation is more than just art.  It is meant to raise environmental awareness and bring the community together.  For behind it, one can also view the skeletons of a once thriving cypress swamp.

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