Colors of India

One thing I remember vividly from my trip to India was the color. India is quite a colorful country in terms of the clothing worn by its people, especially the women. Shades of reds and yellows blanketed the surroundings. Busy, unkept streets were punctuated by people in blues and greens. This variegated view was even more enhanced by the over-crowded nature of this country; just walking through the markets of Old Delhi can be a pleasant rainbow of visual experience.
Here is my colorful memory of India, in photographs:

three women peeking through a window at Agra Fort

street in Bharatpur

a scene inside the Fort of Agra

snake charmer in Jaipur

a sincere smile from a stranger in Agra Fort

street performers

busy intersection in Old Delhi

a volunteer in the Sikh temple kitchen

a volunteer inside the Sikh temple kitchen

volunteers in the Sikh temple kitchen

a dash of red in the stepwell of Bharatpur

at the spice market

street vendors in Jaipur

colorful banners in Agra