Maine: Searching for (the best) Seafood Experience

There’s a plethora of seafood places serving good food everywhere in Maine.  I think the ambience plays a big role in enjoying one’s food as well. For a lobster shack I really liked… Continue reading

NorthEast Coast Road Trip: Portland, Maine

June 22, 2014.  I spent a sunny beautiful day in Portland starting with a visit to the Portland Museum of Art to view some works by Winslow Homer.  Though he is best known… Continue reading

Maine: Looking for Lighthouses

Maine is by far the most beautiful US State I’ve traveled to.  It has about 230 miles of coastline with island finger-like projections jutting out into the ocean. Driving through coastal Maine was… Continue reading

NorthEast Coast Road Trip: the Clam Box

June 21, 2014.  Just outside of Salem is Ipswich where we took a very delicious detour.  I knew we arrived when I saw the line of people snaking around the corner of a… Continue reading

NorthEast Coast Road Trip: Massachusetts

June 21, 2014.   En route to Maine we decided to make a brief stop in Plymouth to see the Plymouth Rock and Mayflower II.  The Pilgrims first landed in Provincetown but couldn’t… Continue reading

NorthEast Coast Road Trip: Martha’s Vineyard and Cape Cod

June 19, 2014. Martha’s Vineyard It rained when we left Newport for Woods Hole to catch the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard.  The rain tapered off by afternoon but it didn’t change my opinion… Continue reading

NorthEast Coast Road Trip. First Stop: Rhode Island

Here I am in Portland, Maine, second week into my road trip and I haven’t posted a thing. So let me catch you guys up on where I’ve been. June 17, 2014. Providence… Continue reading

A Gallery of Sicily

Sicily was like a different country all together.  The language sounded different, the food tasted different, the people seem different.  I started at the east coast of Taormina, a beautiful coastal town high… Continue reading

Tales from Southern Italy

Sorrento On the way to Sorrento was where I first heard the Neopolitan dialect: from an angry man inside the train car I was sitting in. The Neopolitan dialect is a group of… Continue reading